How to Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 11

If you have installed Windows 11 on your PC, you sometimes face trouble starting your Windows 11 PC. The safe mode might be the best available option to help you sort things out because Safe Mode temporarily disables your PC’s drivers and features to make your PC more stable. Previous Windows versions like Windows 7 and earlier have come with a simple option to turn your PC into Safe Mode by clicking the function key such as F8. Later, Microsoft removed this feature starting in Windows 8. In Windows 11, there are multiple ways to turn your PC into a Safe Mode. This article walks you through the most simple and easiest way to boot into Safe Mode on your Windows 11 PC.

How to Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 11

Open the Start Menu and tick the power icon in the bottom right corner. Next, hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click Restart.

Safe Mode on Windows 11

Once you have done this, Windows will shut down and restart into a blue-colored screen titled “Choose an Option,” with multiple options in a brief list. Select “Troubleshoot.”


Once you get to the Troubleshooting panel, select the “Advanced options.”


In Advanced Options, choose “Startup Settings.”

Advanced Options

Once you get to the Startup Settings, select Restart in the lower right corner.

 Safe Mode on Windows 11

Your PC will restart into a “Startup Settings” menu with approximately nine options. Press the “4” key on your keyboard for Safe Mode, “5” for Safe Mode with Networking, or “6” for Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

 Safe Mode on Windows 11

Once you’ve made your decision, Windows will finally boot into Safe mode. Now, your Windows 11 display will be at a lower resolution, and it will also restore your desktop image with a black background that says “Safe Mode” in the corners.

Safe Mode

That’s it. Now, you can do whatever troubleshooting tasks you want to fulfill. When you are done, just reboot your Windows 11 PC, and you will be back in a normal non-safe mode. 

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