How to Disable the Startup Programs on Windows 10

The more software that you install on your computer, the longer it may seem to take to start up Windows. Startup programs make your computer slower. Many programs add themselves to the list of programs started when you boot your computer, and that list can get long. Windows 10 is a fast and responsive operating system, but if you have a lot of apps set to start while starting up your computer, it can bog down the boot process substantially. For some programs, it is smart to have them start with Windows, such as firewalls and anti-virus software. There is a tool installed in Windows which is called MSConfig, that allows you to quickly and easily see what’s running at startup and disable the programs you prefer to run on your own after startup as needed. But there is another way to disable startup programs.

Disable Startup Programs

Right-click on an empty area on the Taskbar and select the Task Manager.

Click on Task Manager

When Task Manager comes up, click on the Startup tab.

Click on Startup

Select the app from the list and click on the disable button.

Select programs and click disable


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