How to Enable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

How to Enable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

Allowing the hardware acceleration in the Edge browser will reduce some load from your CPU and move it to the GPU. Resultantly, the Edge browser will process the graphic elements at a more satisfactory speed and quality.

To fully utilize the hardware acceleration feature, your PC should have a dedicated GPU. Without a dedicated GPU, allowing the hardware acceleration won’t enhance the performance of in-browser content.

Like Google Chrome, the Edge browser for Windows also supports hardware acceleration. This article will walk you through the steps of enabling the hardware acceleration in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Edge Browser

If your Windows 11 PC has a reliable graphic card, the probabilities are that the Hardware Acceleration in Edge browser is enabled by default; but if it isn’t, keep reading to learn how to enable the feature. Let’s check out.

First, all you need is to launch the Edge browser on your Windows device. Once it opens, click the three dots in the top-right corner, scroll down a bit, and select Settings from the list.

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

Once you get to the Edge’s Settings page, select the System and performance option from the sidebar on the left. Then, on the right, enable the toggle for Use hardware acceleration when available under the System section. 

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

After making the changes, click Restart.

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

That’s it! This will restart your Microsoft Edge browser and will allow the hardware acceleration.

The next time you play high-quality videos or browser games, the Microsoft Edge browser will utilize your GPU to load the graphic elements.

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