How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 10 operating system

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 10 operating system

Safari is a high-performance web browser. Apple Inc. develops it. Safari browser is the default browser for MacOs, and its older versions are available for Windows as well from 2007 to 2012; Apple has since discontinued the service. Due to the ever-evolving tech industry and its advancements, the demand for easy-to-use web browsers has been on the rise. The Safari for Windows OS has been adjusted for usability. It also offers unique functions and tools that give it a competitive edge over other browsers in the market. With the release of Safari 12, the browser has stopped the support for partitioned cookies for domains with cross-sites tracking abilities. Apple AirPlay is a proprietary protocol suite that offers the user to stream between devices of audio, video, device screens, and photos, together.

How to Install

First of all double-click on the setup of the Safari Browser.
Click on the Setup

Wait for some time and it will display the Safari Installer windows. Click on the Next> button.
Click on Next

Then accept the terms in the license agreement by selecting it. So click on the Next> button.
Accept the terms and click on the Next

Select the options that you want and click on the Next> option.
Click the Next button

Then select the folder where Safari files will be installed and click on the Install button.
Select the location and click on the Install

It starts installing the program’s features that you selected.
Installation Starts

Now you can see the shortcut icon of Safari on your desktop.
Shortcut of Safari Browser


How to Download

If you do not have the setup file of the Safari Browser then click here to download the setup.

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