How to Use Authy – The Best Replacement for Google Authenticator

Authy is a third-party authenticator app that you can use as a two-factor authenticator to make your logins more secure. Having a 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled on your accounts can…

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How to Check The Health of Hard Drives

It is necessary to check the health of hard drives as it can provide us with crucial information about a failing hard drive. If your hard drive is low on…

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How to Monitor Computer Hardware Temperatures

The reason to monitor computer hardware temperatures is that every device we use requires a combination of hardware components to work. Every device has hardware components such as Processor, Ram,…

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Clear Cookies

How to Clear Website Data in Chrome on Windows 10

It is very good practice to delete the Website cache when the site is misbehaving. Normally, we simply delete the cookies cache from the browser. This means that we are…

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How to Change Default Apps in Windows 10

We use a lot of applications in Windows 10 to perform different functions. Most of the time we use the default apps for most of the functions e.g. Photos App….

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Tips to Speed Up and Optimize WordPress Website

WordPress the open-source CMS hosts around 30% of websites worldwide. WordPress is free and easy to install and most of the time the hosting company offers you to install WordPress…

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Whatsapp Deleted Messages

How to Read Delete for Everyone Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Whatsapp is the most popular application, which is owned by Facebook. Whatsapp added a feature that the sender can delete a message within an hour. The delete for every one…

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Resize Image

How to Resize Image in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user and you want to resize an image. Then,  Windows 10 allows you to resize the images on your desktop. Image resizing allows you…

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Instagram Blue Tick

How to Apply for the Blue Tick on Instagram

Instagram’s blue tick has become one of the most coveted symbols in social media. Blue ticks are social media shortened for saying ‘I’m ‘important’, with celebrities, big brands, and influences…

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