You Can Now (Officially) Buy a Windows 11 Key From Microsoft

You Can Now (Officially) Buy a Windows 11 Key From Microsoft

Windows 11 has been available for nearly a year. But surprisingly, it isn’t officially available to buy as a digital product key from Microsoft. Now, that has ultimately changed.

Windows 11
You Can Now (Officially) Buy a Windows 11 Key From Microsoft

PCMag pointed out that Microsoft now markets Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro as product keys on Microsoft Store. The prices are comparable to their Windows 10 equivalents: Windows 11 Home is $139.00, while Windows 11 Pro costs $199.99.

Before this, the only authorized way to buy a copy of Windows 11 was on a USB drive listed on Amazon and other online stores. Although numerous PCs come with a Windows product key. The option to purchase one is still practical for people building their devices. Or, it could be anyone operating Windows on a virtual machine.

Microsoft didn’t market product keys particularly labeled for Windows 11. However, you could achieve a fresh install through a Windows 10 product key. The exact situation happened in the early days of Windows 10 when many users successfully installed it utilizing keys intended for Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. Windows 7 keys can reportedly still be utilized to activate Windows 11.

Microsoft is swift to note in the product pages that you still need a PC that fulfills the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. You can avoid some more strict requirements, but older PCs might face troubles. Windows 11 doesn’t feature a 32-bit version, unlike Windows 10.

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