iPhone 12 pro and max

Apple Launches iPhone 12 Pro

Apple Event was held in California on October 13 2020 and introduced the iPhone 12 pro. Key Features: Apple claims that iPhone 12 pro includes a durable and beautiful surgical-grade…

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Apple Launches Iphone 12

Apple Event was held in California on October 13 2020 and introduced the first 5g enabled iPhone which is iPhone 12. Key Features: iPhone 12 is 1st set in the…

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Reset Google Chrome

How to Reset Google Chrome

Resetting Google Chrome can solve a variety of problems a person can be facing. Having a slow browser can have several reasons but a few of them can be related…

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How to Save Webpages for Offline Reading

Reading is one of the most beneficial habits a person can have and in the internet era there is an overload of information available on the internet. Sometimes, we do…

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PUBG Mobile


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has briefly restricted the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), an online fight game, for being “addictive” to players. The “PTA has gotten various grievances against PUBG…

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Dark Mode

The Ultimate Guide to Enabling Dark Mode Everywhere

We’re large devotees of Dull mode, so we’ve composed heaps of articles on the best way to utilize it in different applications, programs, and working frameworks. For your benefit, here’s…

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Are Android Flagships more innovative than iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11?

After the launch of more anticipated iPhone11 and iPhone11 Pro initiated long debates for the last few years that people expected more innovations from iPhone and felt disappointed. Most of…

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Whats extra Apple offers in iPhone11 Pro & iPhone11 Pro Max

In the launch event of Apple held on 11 Sep 2019, Apple launched its flagship iPhone11 along with a Pro series and for the first time, Apple claims that it’s…

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What’s new in Apple iPhone 11 – Preview

In the launch event of Apple held in second week Sep 2019, Apple launched its most anticipated flagship phone of this year. As per the preview and launch event, Apple…

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Apple Launches a new Apple Watch Series 5

In the launch event occurred on Sep 2019, Apple revives how Apple watch is helping many people around the world for timely identifying health issues and timely consultancy saves there…

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