Are Android Flagships more innovative than iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11?

After the launch of more anticipated iPhone11 and iPhone11 Pro initiated long debates for the last few years that people expected more innovations from iPhone and felt disappointed. Most of the iPhone users defend Apple by recommending the most reliable and fast phone and troll critics that they never used iPhone it before.

We will not compare RAM as usual for the comparison here as we all now iOS is much more compatible with the hardware of iOS so we may not feel the high-end memory for other phones but where iPhone is really behind are legit? we listed a few of them:


No! I am not kidding, Apple forgets to discuss or name anything like 5G is now a reality.

We understand we don’t have so many service providers right now in the market but Huwaie already signed multiple contracts around the world for the installments but sadly iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro both are neither 5G supported nor 5G ready phones. One the other hand Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung launched their flagship under 5G.

Extended Display / Folding Displays

iPhone is still reluctant to launch any phone with an extended display like edge, Folding displays or infinity display which other companies are showcasing.

Someone can argue that they are not practical designs but still, we believe these are technology innovations and Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi are launching them commercially

Better Cameras than any other phone?

iPhone launched iPhone 11 pro & iPhone 11 with three and two cameras respectively, This is again not for the first time that any Big company launches multiple cameras. But whats lagging in in the innovation part is 3D scanner which its major competitor Samsung Note 10 introduced.

Apple showcased all camera features which all Big Giants have launched already in fact Xiaomi.

The choice is yours, comparatively, Apple offers buyback and low prices with the old phones which is great plus for Apple customers.



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