Introduction of Euro 5 Fuel in Pakistan and Benefits of this Fuel

Introduction of Euro 5 Fuel in Pakistan and Benefits of this Fuel

This article might seem a bit off-topic from our usual content however technology is everywhere. The cars we drive utilize different technologies as well. This is the reason we thought writing about the Euro 5 fuel introduction in Pakistan and possible benefits is necessary. Until now PSO and Total have introduced their euro 5 standard petrol and diesel will arrive later. With the launch of this higher quality fuel a normal consumer can also benefit.

Euro 5 Fuel in Pakistan
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What is Euro 5 Fuel?

Euro 5 is a European emission standard for fuel used worldwide. This standard was introduced in 2009 and in 2014 the Euro 6 emission standard was introduced. These emission standards are for light and commercial vehicles. The point of introducing new emission standards is to improve the quality of fuel to reduce emissions. As fuel quality improves the emissions are more environmentally friendly. To fight climate change better quality of fuel and reduction of our carbon footprint is necessary. Pakistan was using the Euro 2 standard until now.

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Why Pakistan Uses Euro 2 and Why Switch Now?

The reason for using the Euro 2 emission standard is that Pakistan didn’t have any policy until 2012 regarding climate change. Emissions contribute a lot to climate change and a lack of policy or implementation was the reason that we were still using the Euro 2 standard. Even though a better standard was available. Pakistan does not even have any safety standards for vehicles. So, even if better standards are available worldwide we usually use the bare minimum of everything. The lack of policies or implementation is the reason that we still use Euro 2.

Now the question is why did Pakistan adapt this Euro 5 standard?. The exact reason for adopting this standard might be different however credible sources such as Pakwheels state that the reason behind this adaption is the global phase-out of Euro 2 standard fuel. This means that the Euro 2 fuel can become unavailable shortly so adapting the new standard was necessary. So, it was approved back in June by the cabinet and Prime minister that Pakistan will adopt the Euro 5 emissions standard. However, most OMC’s demanded two years to adapt this standard.

Possible Benefits of Euro 5 fuel

The main benefit of a better emission standard is to create a Greener environment. However, this can have other benefits. Even though this is initially an emission standard but this requires increasing the quality of the fuel to meet this emission standard. When the fuel quality improves so does the performance of your vehicle. Here is a list of possible benefits that we can witness if this standard is followed and implemented properly.

If you maintain your vehicle properly then you will witness these changes soon. There can be many other benefits but the biggest one is for the environment. As we can run out of fossil fuel one day, better technology needs to be introduced. The world is leaning towards electric cars which are still far from perfect but it can become the future. For now, it is necessary to save the environment as much as possible and this can help make the air cleaner.

Tips for maintaining your Vehicle.

  • Change Engine Oil and filter at the recommended mileage of your car or oil. However, do change it every 6 months.
  • Use High quality Oils and filters.
  • Change your Coolant as per recommended kilometers or the coolant manufacturer recommendation. Do not use water in your car as it can rust and damage the engine and cooling system and corrode aluminum blocks.
  • With coolant change, flush the system with either coolant flush or running distilled water through the cooling system.
  • Always mix your coolant with distilled water if it’s not premixed.
  • If your car is running on water instead of antifreeze/coolant perform a citric acid (Tatri) flush before adding coolant. Although, please remember if your cooling system is heavily rusted this flush will remove all the rust and can reveal holes and open up leakages which was previously sealed by rust. So its a good idea to perform this flush when you have the money to replace some parts.
  • Backflush your Heater core during your coolant flush.
  • Replace radiator cap and thermostat during coolant flush.
  • Change your water pump and timing bearing with the timing belt change.
  • If you are using a timing belt change it every 80,000 KM and use the genuine timing belt. If your car uses timing chain you will not have to replace it often. Although, do change the water pump after 100,000 KM
  • Learn about the repair that you mechanic is prompting you to do and supervise your mechanic and ask questions. However, please note do not irritate someone as they might not work on your Vehicle properly if you do so.

You might be wondering why do you need to change some parts that are working perfectly fine. The reason behind it to prevent those parts from failing. This is what we call preventative maintenance.

Don’ts of Vehicle Maintenance

  • Do not instantly drive your vehicle after the first cold start. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds before moving as this will provide enough time for your engine oil to lube up essential engine parts. If you are living in a cold temperature wait a bit more before moving.
  • Use only recommended oil viscosity for your car. Do you use a thicker or lighter oil because modern engines are designed for specific oils. Only use recommended oil viscosity from the owner manual or oil cap.
  • Do not over or under inflate your tires. Use the recommended tire pressure and change your tires when the tread wears out.
  • Do not make a repairs without proper diagnostic.
  • Only add coolant into a cooling system that is previously running on water after flushing it properly. Use blowers to get all the excess water out first
  • Do not mix coolant with tap water as it contains minerals which can clog up your radiator or heater core. Always try to keep a 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water. If you buy a premixed coolant it i usually 50/50. Consult the owner manual for coolant types.
  • Do not add another color or brand of coolant into your car without flushing. Use coolants which are compatible with your engines. e.g. Japanese engine requires silicate free coolants because there block is aluminum. So, do some research and do not buy the cheapest coolant as they might not be as effective.
  • Get your wheels aligned every year or whenever your perform suspension repairs.

Euro 5 Fuel and the Future

No matter what the reason for this introduction of Euro 5 fuel in Pakistan, we see it as a positive step. First, this will improve environmental conditions, and second, it will improve the life span of our car engines and cats. Pakistan is always using sub-standard products so small improvements should be encouraged as it might become a norm in the future. As the world moves forward taking care of our environment is necessary to create a better world future generations. Adopting this new standard is beneficial for our environment and cars. However, the government should monitor the fuel stations and the oil companies to ensure quality of fuel.

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