Forward Your Emails as Attachment - A New Gmail Feature
Google has recently introduced a new feature to send emails as an attachment. Sometimes you come across a situation where you need to forward multiple emails to
Microsoft Tests 4 Days Work Week - What You Can Do In Your Organization?

Nowadays, there is a discussion going on about Microsoft test to make workweek of four days. That’s a good imitative. So, the question arises,
Slow Internet Across Pakistan - Facing Slow Internet in Pakistan - Internet Not Working Oct 2019
Why is Internet Working Slow?
We all are crazy about the internet and if there is no internet there is no life, no connectivity,
Are Android Flagships more innovative than iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11?
After the launch of more anticipated iPhone11 and iPhone11 Pro initiated long debates for the last few years that people expected more innovations
Whats extra Apple offers in iPhone11 Pro & iPhone11 Pro Max
In the launch event of Apple held on 11 Sep 2019, Apple launched its flagship iPhone11 along with a Pro series and for the first time, Apple claims that
What's new in Apple iPhone 11 - Preview
In the launch event of Apple held in second week Sep 2019, Apple launched its most anticipated flagship phone of this year. As per the preview and launch event, Apple focused to
Apple Launches a new Apple Watch Series 5
In the launch event occurred on Sep 2019, Apple revives how Apple watch is helping many people around the world for timely identifying health issues and timely consultancy saves
Change Chrome browser's language

How to change the language in your Google Chrome browser

When you install any application or software it contains many languages. The chrome browser also comes with hundreds of languages. When you change the language of the chrome browser, it…

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Microsoft Word

How To Open Blank Document By Default In Office Word

Word is widely used for doc processing. Most of the users use the blank document to make their own format of the document. When you launch the Word it displays…

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How To Set A Different Wallpaper On The Second Monitor In Windows 10

  Windows 10 makes easy to set different wallpaper to second monitors connected to your laptop. Because most of the users want to change or upgrade their PC display. You don’t…

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Reset Chrome browser settings to default in Windows 10

In this article, I will show you how to reset all the settings of the Chrome browser to default in Windows 10 PC and also describe its advantages. Chrome browser…

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Format drives

Ways To Format Hard or Flash Drives In Windows 10

Windows10 provides us many ways to format the drives. The earlier version of the Windows 10 supports the Quick format and Full format. Quick format is that Windows formats your…

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Change Pointer color

How To Set Custom Color For Mouse Pointer In Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 comes with the same cursor as Windows 8. The users who love to customize their OS are bored with the same set of cursors in all…

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How to Show or Hide the Home Button in Google Chrome

Most web browsers feature a Home Button. It directs the users to back their default homepage. But Google Chrome slowly removed from browsers. Google Chrome hides the Home button from…

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Version number of the Device

How to find the existing Driver Version in Windows 10

Drivers for Windows 10 along with many devices like monitor, printer and video card are automatically installed. The device driver has come with their version number. Before visiting the manufacturer…

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