How to Unblock File Downloads in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a high-security built-in feature that naturally stops suspicious file downloads. However, if you think your file is relatively safe, you can download it by temporarily enabling all downloads. Here’s how to do that on your PC and Android.

Unblock File Downloads in Chrome on PC

Suppose you’re downloading a file from an authentic site, and you know it’s secure to use. In that case, here’s how to turn off Chrome’s security option to allow all types of file downloads.

Open Google Chrome on your PC, click the three dots on the browser’s top-right corner. Select “Settings” from the menu.

unblock downloads

On the “Settings” page, click “Security and Privacy in the left sidebar.” Then on the right, click “Security” to access Chrome’s security settings.

unblock downloads

Once you get to the “Security” page, under the “Safe Browsing” section, select the “No Protection” option. This disables Chrome’s security features.

Click “Turn Off” to Confirm your choice.

unblock downloads

Now that Chrome won’t stop your file downloads, go ahead and download your file. Once you’re done with downloads, revisit and enable Chrome’s security option so that it’ll be secured again.

Unblock File Downloads in Chrome on Android

To allow all file downloads in Chrome on Android, first, launch the Chrome browser on your smartphone. Once it opens, click the three dots in the top-right corner. Select “Settings” from the menu that appears.

unblock downloads

Once you get to the “Settings,” click “Privacy and Security.”

unblock downloads

Click “Safe Browsing.”

unblock downloads

Enable “No Protection (Not Recommended)” On the “Safe Browsing” screen.

unblock downloads

Click “Turn Off” in the prompt.

unblock downloads

Once you’re done, close the Settings, now Chrome won’t stop your file downloads until you re-enable the option. Go ahead and get your preferred file downloaded. Once you’ve downloaded your desired files, re-activate the option you just turned off to ensure you stay safe.

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