How To View Hidden System Files In Windows 10 Hidden system files

How To View Hidden System Files In Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system all over the world. About 50% of PC use Windows. It is mostly used for personal computers and IoT devices. Its built-in capabilities cooperate with the IT department and other organizations.

In Windows 10 operating system it does not shows the hidden files automatically. It hides many system files by default settings. Hiding system files is to make sure that users can’t delete them accidentally. If you want to show those hidden files follow the below steps:

Click on the start menu and start typing explorer. Click File Explorer to open it. You can also press the Windows+E key combination to open it.

Start menu to open File explorer

Click on the File menu on menu bar. It will show the file menu and other options. Then click the Change Folder and Screech option.

File option contain further options.

A new small configuration box will popup called Folder Options.

Folder setting for the window

Click the View option to open view system viewing options.

View the hide files

The View options contain some Advanced settings. Look for the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Select this option to show the operating system hidden files.

Advanced setting for the folders

Click OK to apply the setting. Now you will be able to view your Windows system files and other at different places in Windows like in your Windows folder in C drive or in System folder.


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