Google is rolling back Same-site Cookie changes temporarily

Google is rolling back Same-site Cookie changes temporarily

Google introduced the Same-site cookies policy in Chrome 80 stable which is released in February 2020. The coverage implements changes to the handling of cookies that the corporate introduced in May 2019 for primary time. In an Official blog, Google said it will temporarily roll back. The enforcement of the Samesite labeling to ensure the stability of websites providing essential services such as healthcare, online groceries and other during COVID19 crises. The new secure-by-default cookies classification system makes only those cookies available in third-party contexts which are labeled as Same-site=None;Secure.

Chrome 80 is out with Same-site

Developers ought to monitor the Same Site updates web-pages on the Chromium web site. Mozilla Firefox needed to roll back a change in Firefox as nicely due to the present international state of affairs. Google introduced different Chrome related changes not too long ago.

The firm postponed release, determined to give attention to safety enhancement solely and plans to skip Chrome 82 completely .Google announced on the Chromium web site on Friday during which it revealed that it made the choice to roll back the Same-site cookies changes in Chrome. According to Google’s announcement, the rollback is obligatory due to “extraordinary international circumstances attributed to COVID 19”.

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