How to Download and Play Call Of Duty Mobile on Windows PC

COD Mobile for PC is a high on-demand video game as it is free to play. Call of Duty Mobile comes with both campaign mode and BR mode. Well, if…

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PUBG Mobile

How to Download and Play PUBG Mobile On Windows PC

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile is the most popular online multiplayer battle royal game. PUBG Corporation developed this game. There are two official ways to play PUBG on Windows PCs. But…

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What is the effective Way to Backup Your Computer?

Everyone loses data at some point in their life. Dragging and dropping files onto a hard drive is enough. If you’re not regularly backing up your computer, you could lose…

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Custom Login Page

How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Pages With Plugin

Login Pages are the gateway to the website admin panel. If you are running WordPress Site or an online store, your user will see the login pages. Customizing a default…

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Clear Cookies

How to Clear Website Data in Chrome on Windows 10

It is very good practice to delete the Website cache when the site is misbehaving. Normally, we simply delete the cookies cache from the browser. This means that we are…

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Whatsapp Deleted Messages

How to Read Delete for Everyone Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Whatsapp is the most popular application, which is owned by Facebook. Whatsapp added a feature that the sender can delete a message within an hour. The delete for every one…

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Resize Image

How to Resize Image in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user and you want to resize an image. Then,  Windows 10 allows you to resize the images on your desktop. Image resizing allows you…

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Instagram Blue Tick

How to Apply for the Blue Tick on Instagram

Instagram’s blue tick has become one of the most coveted symbols in social media. Blue ticks are social media shortened for saying ‘I’m ‘important’, with celebrities, big brands, and influences…

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YouTube Banned

Supreme Court of Pakistan Hints Banning YouTube

ISLAMABAD:  The Supreme Court alluded to forbidding YouTube in Pakistan on Wednesday while hearing the instance of a man, Shaukat Ali, associated with partisan wrongdoing.  Equity Qazi Muhammad Amin and…

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