How To Enable Or Disable The Microphone In Windows 10

How To Enable Or Disable The Microphone In Windows 10

Most of the users prefer to disable PCs camera and microphone when not in use to protect their privacy. There are many ways to disable the microphone in Windows 10. If you want to disable your microphone on your Windows 10 PC there are many ways to do this. Some easy ways are mentioned below.

Disable Microphone for apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a different type of Apps like Win32 Apps, or Windows 10 universal apps. Follow the following steps to disable the universal app’s microphone access.

Go to your Start Bar and click on the Setting app to open it.

Start menu to open setting app

Then click on the Privacy to open Windows 10 privacy settings.

Setting app

On privacy settings configuration windows, click on Microphone on the left configuration options. This will show microphone related settings on the right side of the windows. Click on Allow apps to access your microphone to disable or enable it.

Microphone setting in setting app

Scroll down to look for option Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone. Under this, there is a list of applications having access to the microphone. Click on the toggle button to turn off or on the microphone access for these applications. In this example, I have disabled microphone access for 3D Viewer and Cortana.

Apps that uses Microphone

Turn off the microphone in Control panel

Go to the Start menu and type Control panel, click to open it from search results.

Start menu to open Control panel

Once Control Panel is opened press the F3 key and type Sound to find all sound-related settings. In results, Click on sound to open sound settings.

Sound setting

The sound configuration window will open. Click on the Recording tab to get a list of microphones attached to your computer.

Additional setting of sound

Select the microphone that you want to disable. Right-click on the microphone and click Disable to disable the selected microphone.

Disable Microphone

Once done, click OK to close the microphone configuration box.

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