How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

We always know our WiFi password but sometimes we come across a situation where we all of a sudden forget our WiFi password. This situation is very uncomfortable. All of us will surely hate this. But what if we get into this situation, what would be the solutions. How we can overcome this situation. Well, there is a very easy way to recover your WiFi password from your Windows 10 connected network. Follow the below steps to retrieve your WiFi password from your Windows 10 connected PC.

Click on the Start menu when it opens then type Control Panel. Click on it to open it.

Start menu to open Control Panel

Look for the Network and Sharing Center. Click on it to view the basic information about your connected network.

Network and sharing center

Once it opens it will display you the networks that are currently connected with your laptop. Click on the connection that you want to know the password of the saved internet.

Basic info about network

A new window is open with the General setting of the network. Click on the Wireless Properties to open it.

WI-Fi Status

Then a new window is appearing that contains Name, SSID, Network type and some other information about the network. Click on the Security to open the information about the network.

Wireless network properties

Then click on the Show Characters you will know the password of the connected network.

Password of saved wifi

Click on OK to close the setting of the network.

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