WhatsApp Steal Status Reactions Feature From Instagram

WhatsApp Steal Status Reactions Feature From Instagram

WhatsApp is designing a new feature for the app, and the best part about this feature is that it already exists on Instagram. Besides, you can name it the “Status Reactions” feature.

Meta-owned WhatsApp is already testing many new features for its Status section. This new feature will provide more stuff for responding, which is under experiment in the WhatsApp beta.

WhatsApp Could Soon Let Users Send Quick Emojis as Status Reactions

As stated by WABetaInfo that WhatsApp is planning to build a new feature called Status Reaction in the WhatsApp Android beta version. This feature will let users dispatch emojis as a fast reaction to the Status.

The leaker also described that some lucky testers only earn access to this feature in the Android version of the beta.

The company recently released the Message Reaction feature and is now expanding the same feature for Statuses. To transmit these reactions, you only need to click on the reply, and then you can dispatch them by clicking on it.

Besides, this feature is identical to Instagram’s Stories Reaction feature. Despite it having the exact emoji as Instagram, it doesn’t matter because both platforms’ parent is the same.

Release Details

This feature will unfold after the beta testers’ feedback. It might take months, so we can’t say anything about its release date.

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