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Threads? Everything you need to know about Meta’s new app

Meta, which used to be called Facebook, always comes up with new and fun things for people to do on social media. One such offering is “Threads,” a standalone app designed…

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React Instagram Messages

How to React Instagram Messages to Enhance Communication

In the realm of social media, Instagram has emerged as a prominent platform for communication and engagement. Moreover, among the various features available, the ability to react to Instagram messages…

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WhatsApp Steal Status Reactions Feature From Instagram

WhatsApp is designing a new feature for the app, and the best part about this feature is that it already exists on Instagram. Besides, you can name it the “Status…

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How to Delete Your Personal Contacts from Instagram

Instagram syncs the contact list of your phone through which Instagram helps to follow the people in your contact list, so you can join them with Instagram.  On the Instagram mobile…

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How to Hide or Show Like Counts on Instagram

It’s no secret that social media might not be the best for people’s mental health. To combat some of the negative effects of social networking, Instagram allows you to hide…

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Whatsapp Deleted Messages

How to Read Delete for Everyone Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Whatsapp is the most popular application, which is owned by Facebook. Whatsapp added a feature that the sender can delete a message within an hour. The delete for every one…

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Instagram Blue Tick

How to Apply for the Blue Tick on Instagram

Instagram’s blue tick has become one of the most coveted symbols in social media. Blue ticks are social media shortened for saying ‘I’m ‘important’, with celebrities, big brands, and influences…

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Instagram tests new feature that looks suspiciously like TikTok

  It is no secret that if there is a popular app or feature Facebook can not buy, the company simply creates its own version. First it was Snapchat. Now,…

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instagram logo

Instagram Ads Profit is Higher than Youtube

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. This application is now giving Facebook a large share of the total revenue. Over a third of Facebook’s revenue in the last year came from…

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