How to Save Webpages for Offline Reading

Reading is one of the most beneficial habits a person can have and in the internet era there is an overload of information available on the internet. Sometimes, we do not have time to read every bit of interesting information we come across however there is always some information which we want to save for later so we will not forget to read it. The best possible way to save information for later reading is to download and save these webpages for offline reading.

This is also very beneficial since these webpages will be accessible without an active internet connection. Most websites now a day can be downloaded to read offline although a few of them might have missing logos when you download them.

To save webpages for offline reading follow a few simple steps:

Saving Webpages Offline on Windows

Open the webpage you want to save for offline reading in Chrome/Firefox etc. and right-click anywhere on the page and click save as or save page as.

Right click anywhere on the page and click save as - Save Webpages for Offline Reading

Now click on Save to save the page.

Save your file in your desired location

This will save the page in HTML format & can be viewed in any browser. You can also press Ctrl+S to save the page. However, if you want to download the page as pdf you can use the following method.

Right-click on the webpage again and click print or simply press Ctrl+P to open up the print menu. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option in the destination, you can also use save as PDF in Chrome browser.

Select Print to PDF and click Print - Save Webpages for Offline Reading

In the next dialog box write a name for your file and click save

Name your file and Click save - Save Webpages for Offline Reading

This PDF can be opened in any device now.

Saving Webpages for Offline Reading on Android

To save webpages for offline viewing open google chrome and open the webpage you want to save. Tap on three dots on the top right corner of the screen

Click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.

Now Tap the download icon on top to download the file. You can view the downloaded file by Taping on Downloads.

Click on the download button on top

Now Tap on download to download the webpage as PDF for offline viewing

Download the image by click the download button

Saving Webpages for Offline reading on iOS

To easily view webpages offline in iOS for reading you can add them to your reading list. Although just adding it to the reading list alone will not save it for offline viewing you have to change your Safari browser settings by following these simple steps.

Open Settings on your iOS device Tap on Safari. Turn on the Automatically Save Offline option under the reading list.

Open Settings & Enable automatically save offline

Now open the website you want to save and Tap the Share button.

Tap the Share Button

Tap on Add to Reading List to add the website to your reading list.

Select Add to Reading List

Now you can access your saved website by opening up your reading list. To open your reading list tap on the Open book icon in safari (Bookmarks) and click on the icon which looks like a pair of glasses.

Tap on your reading list to view your saved webpages

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