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When to Replace Battery in Smartphones

The battery is the most critical component of a smartphone. If you want your device to work perfectly, then the condition of your smartphone’s battery should be good, and if it isn’t, then you need to replace battery of your device. Smartphone companies are working to improve battery backup to fulfill the user’s requirements. They are constantly trying to improve the battery capacity of smartphone products. Let’s delve into the details below;

Problems with batteries

The problem arises when the smartphone user faces some issues related to battery, which also affects the overall performance of a smartphone. This annoys the users with their device because this will affect the other components like motherboard, charging Ic, etc., and cause the smartphone lag.

Detection of Battery issue

Now the thing is that how can you detect that there is an issue with your smartphone? If your smartphone needs a battery replacement, then your smartphone will show you the following signs.

1. Your smartphone’s battery will drain continuously even when you are not using it.

2. Your phone will work slowly with lag issues.

3. The battery will discharge rapidly(if a phone is charged 100%, it will come to zero within 30mins or less).

4. When you connect your smartphone to the charger, you will observe that your battery percentage will suddenly change from 0% to 100%.

If you observe any of the mentioned signs, you should visit the service center to discuss the issue regarding the battery. Sometimes battery issues are solved by changing the strip of the battery.

Precautions about Battery

To prevent your smartphone’s battery from any issue. Here are some suggested tips for you that will help you.

1. Always use the genuine charger(company provided) to charge your smartphone.

2. Do not overcharge your phone.

3. keep your phone away from water or any liquid.

4. Immediately connect to the charger whenever the charging sign comes.


These signs and precautions are applied on Andriod and iPhones whenever you desire to replace battery.

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