How to Reset Google Chrome

Resetting Google Chrome can solve a variety of problems a person can be facing. Having a slow browser can have several reasons but a few of them can be related to cache, plugins, toolbars, etc. Normally a browser stores cache or uses cookies to provide a better and faster experience. Cookies and cache both save data from websites on the user computer to provides faster access when you reload that website. This article explains how to reset Google Chrome.

Data can pile up and cause slow browsing. We also use different plugins such as AdBlock or some people use toolbars all of them combined can cause a variety of problems from slow browsing to crashes.

Resetting Google Chrome is a good idea if clearing the cache does not prove to be beneficial. However only resetting Chrome will not delete your bookmarks, history, saved passwords so it is a good idea to clear browsing history as well to reset the browser to default performance.

Resetting Google Chrome On Windows

To Reset Google Chrome, follow a few simple steps:

Open Google Chrome & click on the three dots (••• icon) in the upper right corner of the browser

Click on the three Dots - Reset Google Chrome

Now click on Settings.

Click on Settings - Reset Google Chrome

In the next step click Advanced on the left side of the screen.

Click on Advanced - Reset Google Chrome

After opening advanced options select Reset and clean up

Click on Reset and clean up - Reset Google Chrome

Now select Restore settings to their original defaults & select Reset Settings

select Restore settings to their original defaults & select Reset Settings - Reset Google Chrome

Click reset

This will reset your chrome browser but your bookmarks, history & saved passwords will not be deleted so if you want to delete them as well, then first backup your passwords, bookmarks, & history and follow these steps to clear all of them.

Again click on the triple-dot (••• icon) and select history or you can press CTRL+H on your keyboard to go directly into the history.

Click on the three dots and select History

Now select clear browsing data from the left side of Google Chrome.

Click on Clear browsing data on the left corner of google chrome

Click on Advanced and in the time range select All Time & select what you want to delete & click on Clear data.

Select advanced and select clear data


Now you have cleared all your browsing data however if you don’t want to delete something carefully select or deselect it before clearing.

For Android

For Android devices clearing data, options may vary from device to device but here is a general idea on how to reset google chrome on your android device

Go to Settings, scroll down and open Manage Apps

Click on Settings and Open Manage Apps

Now select Chrome and select the Clear data option on the bottom right corner of the screen

Tap on Chrome and Tap Clear Data

Select Manage Space and Tap of Clear all Data

Tap Manage space and Tap Clear All Data

This will clear all your data including accounts, bookmarks, saved settings.

For iOS

To reset Google Chrome on iOS open Google Chrome Settings & tap on Privacy, scroll down & select clear browsing data & clear all the data you want to delete.

Go to Setting Privacy Click on Clear Browsing data

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