How to Change the Default Desktop Icons in Windows 10

How to Change the Default Desktop Icons in Windows 10

You have quite a few icons on your Windows desktop, and you have spent quite some time painstakingly them in a way that makes sense to you. Windows 10 allows you to personalize your computer to make it your own. You can also modify the size of your icon shortcut. In Windows 10, you can change any shortcut icon, whether its a regular one of the linking to an app, file, folder, or web page or one of the standard desktop ions. These features presented are available in Windows 10. If you’re using the older version of Windows 10, you might not have access to all features. If you want to change the icon of the desktop shortcut then follow the below steps.
First of all, right-click on the shortcut of which you want to change the icon.
Right-click on the shortcut

Select the Properties option from its contextual menu.
Click on the properties

Then select the Shortcut and click on the Change icon.
Select Change Icon

A new window is opened with the Change icon titled. Click on the icon which you want to display on the shortcut icon. Press the OK button to apply the settings.
Select the Icon and press OK

Now you can see that your shortcut icon will be changed.

Your icon changed

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