Here is How to Avoid Paying Gmail for Extra Storage

Here is How to Avoid Paying Gmail for Extra Storage

A Google account delivers free storage of 15 GB. It might sound like a bunch initially, but if you have been operating the account for a while, the storage appears less, and Gmail takes up most of this space.

Sorting Gmail is a task. One can end up losing essential emails too. So, here is how you can preserve space as well as time.

To keep the space of your Google Account, you can opt for two steps:

The first one is to download the essential emails. You can do so by clicking the Profile icon. Then select “Manage your Google Account.” Click on “Data & privacy.” Then scroll down to the “Download or delete your data” box.

You can particularly prefer to download Gmail data.

You can also download data from other Google platforms, such as Chrome, Drive, and photos. Once you select the desired data, choose “Next step” and then choose your export frequency.

You can adjust the rest of the settings as per your preference. Then click on “Create export.”

You will get the folder of downloaded emails based on your download destination. You can then move the downloaded folder to any destination on the desktop.

Since the files are in “.mbox files” format, you must download any application like Mozilla Thunderbird to read them.

Now that you have a backup of the emails, you can remove them from your Gmail account to preserve space. You can make numerous backups to make sure you save them.

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