Forward Your Emails as Attachment - A New Gmail Feature

Forward Your Emails as Attachment – A New Gmail Feature

Google has recently introduced a new feature to send emails as an attachment. Sometimes you come across a situation where you need to forward multiple emails to a person. Now Google has introduced a new feature where you will be able to send multiple emails to a person as an attachment. To send multiple emails as an attachment follow the following steps.

Login to your Gmail account and select multiple emails that you want to send as an attachment. Right-click on any email and then click forward as an attachment.

Forward Email as attachment

If you are already composing an email and want to attach emails. Click the checkbox to select the emails and drag them to your mail compose a section. The selected emails will get attached to the email.

Drag Emails for Attachement

This feature may not be available for you as the rollout is in progress but you will get this feature soon.

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