How to Create a Testing Checklist in Q/A

Product quality is most important for the web world, and business demands it as a priority to achieve success.  For this, Quality Assurance comes on the ground. This is the most crucial step in the development lifecycle. It tests all test cases, documentation, coding, design, and database. This testing process can be done with the use of a testing checklist.


Documentation tools such as any editor like Google spreadsheet are one of the standard editors used to create checklists.


First, you need to identify the test cases, understand the system’s working, then break the task into small chunks for better understanding. When sharing all information with other team members, these things are essential.

One of the great features of a testing checklist is that it captures the quality and system components of a whole website or application.

When the system is under test, the tester begins to decompose the components. If a website contains many pages, they are branches of the website, and the whole system or website is the root node. Each branch separately breaks down into a more decomposed form. The spreadsheet will capture this in the most enhanced form.

Types of testing:

There are several types of testing we do, and we write all of these in a checklist document, but the top 5 types of testing are below:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Maintenance testing
  • Acceptance testing

After each test case is written in a checklist document, Results should be revised as positive or negative, pass or fail, depending on the tester.

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