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How to Configure Microsoft Word for APA Writing Format

The APA citation and referencing method is a popular method used by colleges/universities to avoid plagiarism. Whether you are writing an assignment or a research paper you might require APA Method to avoid plagiarism. You can configure Microsoft word for writing in APA format. Configuring Word for APA accepted formatting style will save you a lot of time.

Please note that I will only show you how to configure Microsoft Word for APA writing format. If you do not know how to cite and reference using the APA method please learn it first. You can configure your word document to always use this template that we are going to create. APA Style is very difficult to understand for some people but you can use this video to learn how to use the APA method.

To set up Microsoft Word for APA Method writing follow these steps.

Configure Microsoft Word for Writing in APA Format

Configuring Layout and Font

First, open your word document and select the Layout tab and click on Margins and make sure that you have selected normal 1-inch margins all around.

Configure Microsoft Word for APA

Now click on the home tab and select Times New Roman in the Font option and select font size 12. This is standard for the APA method.

Configure Microsoft Word for APA

Configuring Styles

Now we will configure word to always use APA writing format. On top of the Word Document, you will see Styles. We will set the first four styles for different writing methods.

Configure Microsoft Word for APA

Now right click on the first style and click modify

Configure Microsoft Word for APA

In the modification, box please make sure that you have Times New Roman and 12 sizes Font selected. Now click on format and select paragraph in the bottom right corner.

Configure Microsoft Word for APA

In this box select Line Spacing to Double and set the spacing before/after to zero and press OK.

Configure Microsoft Word for APA

Now select New Documents Based on This Template and press OK. Please note that you will have to select this option in all the other style modifications.

Now right-click on the second style named No Spacing and click modify.

Now again make sure its Times New Roman and 12 Size Font and click on format and select Paragraph. Here select line spacing to Single and press OK. Again Select New Documents Based on this template and press OK

Now select the third Style named “Heading 1″ and click on Modify. Select the Font Size to 12  Times New Roman and Select the Bold option and select black color. Also, select the Centered Button to keep this heading centered. APA formatting does not allow colors so use the default black color. Now select New Documents Based on This Template option and click OK.

Click on the fouth Style named “Heading 2” Modify and set everything up like the last step. Times New Roman, Size 12, Black Color and bold text but alignment should be set to Left Side. Select the New Documents based on this template option and press OK.

Now while writing you can just tap on these styles to add headings or change different styles in your APA Document.

Some Extra Tips – Setting up your Pages

Please note that these tips will not be configured permanently like the styles. You will have to add these manually every time.

First, you should add a header with your title and Page number on top. So, double click on top of your page it will open the design tab. Now tick the different front page option and click on the Page number and select Plain Number 3.

After your Page number is added write Running Head: (Your Title in Upper Case Letters) and Press Tab once or twice to align the text on the left side.

Now for ease of grading for the teacher add this on your front page and make it centered. And also bring it down to the center of your First page. Please add your details instead of this text

“Title of Your Assignment or Paper”

Student Name

Student ID

Subject Name

Professor Name

Due Date

Now click in front of the due date and click on the Insert tab on top and select Page Break.

Now on the next page and double click on Top. Add page number again and add your desired title without writing Running Head and press Tab once or twice to align the text to the left. You will only have to select the second-page number once after that Word will automatically add new page numbers. The reason for this is because we selected a different front page option on the first page.

This is how you Configure Microsoft Word for Writing in APA format.

Add Table of Contents after Writing

After writing your assignments/paper using the created styles add Table of Contents after writing. Click on the second page where you started your topic click before the first line of the first heading and click on references on top and select table of contents and select the Automatic Table 1

This will add an automatic table of content that will include all your headings now again press insert and put a Page break so the Table of Contents can have its separate page. The reader can easily navigate to your desired topic by clicking on it.

You can easily update the Table of contents by double-clicking on the table of contents that you placed in the word document and selecting the update table.

In-case of any confusion please write down in the comments below we will help you out.

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