How To Quickly Insert A Comment To Cell In Excel

How To Quickly Insert A Comment To Cell In Excel

When you are collaborating with others on your spreadsheet, inserting comments can save you a lot of time. Instead of the email your comments and feedback back and forth or trying to communicate in the cells of the spreadsheet, you can leave a comment. You can add a comment to cells. When a cell has a comment, an indicator appears in the corner of the cell in red color. If you want to insert a comment in a cell then follow the below steps.

Open the Excel by tying the Excel in the Start menu.
Start menu to open the Excel

Then open the Blank Sheet in Excel.Select the Blank sheet

So, right-click on the cell where you want to insert the comment and look for the Insert comment option and click on it.
Insert comment
It will ask you to type the comment that you want to display. Type your comment and click on the screen.
Type your comment
Excel displays you the red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell.
Red color on the corner
If you want to see the comment that you typed. Click outside the comment box and you will see the comment.

Excel show you the comment

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