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Best E-Mail Service for Startups and Small to Medium Businesses

When you are planning to start your company, its important that you select tools that will help you grow with time and you can rely on them with your future expansions. You have to be careful that you don’t select the tool which is not elastic and doesn’t expand with your needs. It’s very difficult to switch from one solution to the other one as that will be time-consuming and can decrease the productivity of the company. The more specific should be related to your team collaboration and communication. Tools that help you interact with your company and your team members. Cost is also an important factor to consider while working on selecting the tool.

When it comes to email and team collaboration, the best and affordable tool is to use Zoho Workplace. Zoho Workplace comes with all the tools for productivity and collaboration between teams in your office. Zoho Workplace is a collaboration software that provides a complete set of solutions that not only helps you collaborate but also create and communicate with your teams. It bundles its apps on email, document management, presentation, chat, and other communication tools in one platform.

There are many tools available in Zoho Workplace including Email, File Management, Chat, Spreadsheets, Word Processor, Presentations, Social Internet, Online Training, and Online Meetings.

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Let’s discuss these features briefly.

Zoho Mail

It’s more than a mailbox. With Zoho Mail Suite, say goodbye to endless reply chains; just tag colleagues to share emails with them. Stay one step ahead with built-in applications like Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Bookmarks, and Contacts—all accessible from your mailbox.


Drop a message for your teammates, make audio or video calls, and get instant updates on your projects using Zoho Cliq. Boost your productivity by brainstorming with your teammates through group chats or setting up topic-driven channels.


Build a social network for the members in your organization using Zoho Connect. Create internal channels for smaller groups, access shared files in specific groups, and make important announcements on forums.

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Work Drive

Create and store your files on the cloud, and access them on the move. With Zoho WorkDrive, you can store documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and audio files for sharing with both groups and individuals.


Web training is simple and interactive with Zoho ShowTime’s convenient features. Using its sizable toolset, you can make training presentations, share them with learners, and follow up on their progress from your dashboard.


Zoho Meeting allows web conferencing from wherever you’re working, with anyone, anywhere in the world. Easily set up meetings across multiple locations through audio or video conferences. You can even share your screen for presentations and webinars, and download analytics reports afterward.

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Zoho Write

Put your thoughts into words, share documents with your team, and allow multiple people to contribute and comment simultaneously, using the extensive set of tools available in Zoho Writer.

Zoho Sheets

Precisely analyze your spreadsheet data with Zoho Sheet’s many functions. Use charts and graphs to create clear visualizations of your data, while cutting down on repetitive calculations with the help of automated workflows.

Zoho Show

Create interactive presentations for your audience with our native themes and templates, or add a personal touch by customizing your slides with the diverse fonts, styles, charts, animations, and infographics available in Zoho Show.

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