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How to Add Hyperlinks in Word Document

Whether you are writing an article or creating an official document or assignment drafting them in Microsoft Word is a good idea to avoid mistakes. However, we usually draft a document in Microsoft Word to publish it later. Normally, we need to add external or internal links to our writings. For Blog writing internal or external linking is very useful. However, instead of adding links in your final draft before publishing you can easily add hyperlinks in your Word document.

Even writing assignments might require hyperlinks to be added for referencing source material. We can also add hyperlinks directly to a location in Word document which is mostly required in the official documentation. You can copy-paste your text directly from your Word Document to your content management system e.g. WordPress. The added hyperlinks will automatically be added to most of these content management systems.

However, please note you will have to add images separately and add hyperlinks to them if you are uploading it to any content management system for publication. Hyperlinks can be added to images or text in Microsft Word.

What are Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are essentially links that are embedded into text or images. You can choose any word or image to add a hyperlink. The link will not be shown in its full form but rather It will be added to the text or image. You can access the link by simply clicking on that text or image. When you click on the text or image that has a hyperlink embedded It will take you directly to that link or place. If you add a hyperlink towards a heading or a specific place in Word you can just simply click on it to access that portion.

How to Add Hyperlinks in Word Document

To add hyperlinks in Word Document follow these simple steps:

Open the Word Document you want to add Hyperlinks to.

Now select the text or image you want to add the hyperlink to and right-click and select the “Link” option. You can also use the Insert option on the top and click on Links from there.

Select the text and right click on it and click on link - Add Hyperlinks in Word

In the next dialog box, you will be able to see four options.

  • Existing file or Webpage (Adding an existing file on your or link to a webpage)
  • Place in this Document (Linking to a specific heading, style or bookmarks)
  • Create New Document (Linking to another document)
  • E-mail Address (adding an email address to text)

You will see four options here - Add hyperlink in Word

Select the option e.g. if you want to add a website link to your text or image

Click on the existing file or webpage option in the dialog box. Copy and paste the website link you want to add to the Address bar and select OK.

Click on the existing file or webpage option in the dialog box - Add Hyperlinks to Word

This will create an external hyperlink to your text or image that you selected. You can hover over that text or image and hold ctrl and click on the link to open it. However, remember that this link can be easily opened by clicking on it you don’t have to hold ctrl in reading mode or posting it on a content manging system.

Hold Ctrl and click to open the link - Add Hyperlinks to Word

You can always open, remove, modify, or copy this hyperlink by right-clicking on the text.

Internal vs External Hyperlinks

You can use this method to add other internal or external hyperlinks. However please remember that adding internal links such as linking a file or a document from your computer will not be accessible to the reader if you upload the text somewhere or send the document for viewing. However, linking to a specific place in the document and adding hyperlink email addresses will still be accessible.

To link internally open up the link tab again. Now to add a link to an internal file click on the Existing file Or Web Page and chose the file you want to link to.

You can select a file in the Current folder or click on Browse for a file option on the right-hand side to select a specific file anywhere on your computer.

To add an Email as a hyperlink again select your text or image and go to the link tab and select the E-mail address option and add the email address you want to link in the E-mail address box and click OK.

To link internally to a specific place in your document select the Place in this Document Option and select the space you want to link to e.g. headings. Select headings by click on the + sign with headings and select the desired heading you want to link to.

This article showed you the way to add hyperlinks to your Word documents. You can comment down below if there is still any confusion. We will help you out.

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