How to Temporarily Disable Windows 10 Antivirus

Occasionally there comes a time when you are installing an application on your system and the windows defender security check does not allow you to perform the required action. For this reason, it is needed to temporarily disable the Windows Defender Antivirus. You can also permanently disable the Windows Defender Antivirus using third-party applications (if needed). Nevertheless, there might arise some situations where this built-in feature would be needed to turn off to accomplish certain tasks.

This article explains the steps to temporarily disable Windows 10 antivirus.

Type the ‘windows security’ in the search bar available to the right of the Windows icon. This will open up the options for windows security in the main area of the window. Click on the ‘Virus & threat protectionoption which will open up the windows security settings in a new window. From the left side of the menu, click on ‘Virus & threat protection’ which will lead to the ‘Virus & threat protection settings’ in the main area of the window. Click on the ‘Manage settings’ option available under the ‘Virus & threat protection settings’.

After the ‘Virus & threat protection settings’ are opened up, go to the ‘Real-time protection’ settings and turn off the real-time protection of Windows Defender Antivirus.

You can turn on real-time protection anytime by reversing the previous step or when the system is booted up the Windows Defender is turned on automatically.

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