WhatsApp Would Soon Allow Sharing Images Without Compression

WhatsApp Would Soon Allow Sharing Images Without Compression

WhatsApp developers are finally bringing an important and exciting feature to the app, which is related to the quality of the images you share with your WhatsApp contacts.


As we all know, WhatsApp has yet to allow us to share photos in their original quality from the start, as it automatically compresses them. Which sometimes makes photo sharing via WhatsApp a colossal mess.


But this will be fixed with WhatsApp’s new feature. Which is currently under its testing phase, as spotted in WhatsApp’s latest beta version.


WhatsApp’s New Feature Allows Sharing Image In Their Original Quality

As noted by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update in the beta program, and the new version got a new feature that lets you share photos in their actual quality.


We all know everyone likes WhatsApp to share photos with their family and friends. But sometimes, we need to share files in their original quality, and WhatsApp finally gets it.


Sharing Images Without Compression feature expands to an already present quality set feature in earlier beta versions, for Android.


This already current quality set feature allows you to select a quality photo format when you ship them. And these options are “automatic, “best quality, “and “data saver. “


Even the most suitable option compresses the image’s original quality by 10 to 15 percent. Still, in the most delinquent update, a new option with the term “original quality” will send uncompressed images.


Also, you can specify any option as default from WhatsApp settings, according to your preference.

There is no exact date or information on when WhatsApp will release Sharing Images Without Compression feature for everyone within the stable update. As this feature is under its testing phase, we may notice some changes in its final release.

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