Ways To Check Version Number Of Apps & Programs In Windows 10

When you install any software to solve your daily problems and you want to send feedback, you might need their version number of the software. To know the version number of any software that you installed from the store or out of the store like normal Windows32 application. Following method may help to know the version number of any software:

Check the version number of desktop programs in Control Panel

Open the Start Menu and start typing Control Panel click on the Control Panel to open.

Start menu to open control panel

Control Panel appears in a new window with many confiugration options. Go to the Search bar and type Programs and Features. Click to open it.

control panel

On the right side of the Control Panels window, you will see the version numbers of the applications that you install.

Version numbers of all applications

Check version numbers of applications in Settings

To check the version number of any software or program in the setting just follow the following steps:

Open the Start menu to open the Setting app.

Start menu

Click on the Apps page to see all apps and programs installed in your system.


To view the version number of the program, click on it and click again on the Advanced options.

Advanced option of calculator

So, the Specification section of the program is open where some of the basic information is written include version number.

Information about Calculator

Know the version number of the desktop programs and apps

In order to check the version number of the desktop applications follow the following steps:

Open the application that you want to know her version number. Click on her About and you will see the Check for Updates and Version number.

About of the calculator


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