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Special GB WhatsApp Features

This article will let you know about the special GB WhatsApp features. A man named Omar created the customized version of the popular messaging program known as GB WhatsApp. This app is available to all Android mobile users. Unfortunately, the GB WhatsApp option is not activated on the iPhone yet.

Special GB WhatsApp Features 

  • For a list of contacts, hide the last seen.
  • Sending APK files is possible.
  • sending 50 Mb films instead of only 16 Mb videos
  • 90 photographs can send at once
  • Instead of 16 Mb, deliver a 100 Mb audio message.
  • Lock the WhatsApp application and each communication individually
  • changing the notification icon and app icon in the settings
  • Optional custom themes
  • When you open voicemail messages for contacts and groups, hide the blue microphone
  • Even after reading the status of all other users or contacts, Hide Viewing status Privacy prevents your name from appearing to them as having viewed their status.
  • new and original emojis
  • Can copy a portion of a WhatsApp message to the clipboard to replicate someone else’s status
  • Even after analyzing the message, hide blue ticks for contact and groups.
  • Once the message has been delivered, hide 2nd Tick for contacts & groups.
  • It permits the broadcast group to grow by 600 personnel.
  • Unlike the original WhatsApp, which only allows 139 characters, this version allows 255 characters.
  • 100+ languages are supported
  • Without using a third-party program, lock parts of your WhatsApp’s private conversations
  • For just a few Contacts, hide Last seen.
  • Send GIFs and, if you’d want, turn off voice calling.
  • Alter the color and style of the ticks

Based on the original WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp uses the same server. Although GB WhatsApp uses the original network to deliver and receive messages, the developer has added personalization and a few more capabilities to the top layer of official WhatsApp.

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