How to Pin Your Favorite Setting to the Start Menu in Windows 10

In the event that you discover you’re getting to similar settings again and again in Windows 10, you can add these settings to the Start menu as tiles for snappy and simple access. We’ll tell you the best way to do this. 

Pin Favorite Setting

To stick a settings screen to the Start menu, open the Start menu, and snap “Settings”.

Click on Settings

Snap-on a settings class, for example, Update and Security”.

Select Udates

On the screen for that settings classification, a rundown of subcategories show on the left. To add a setting to the Start menu, right-click on the settings in the rundown and select “Pin to Start”.

Click on Pin to Start

The setting is added to the base of the tiles on the correct side of the Start menu.

Note that Microsoft changed the manner in which you pin settings to the Start menu from past forms. 


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