How to Find Your Computer’s Model Number on Windows 10

On Windows 10 understanding the model number of your device can come in handy in many situations. If you need to upgrade or replace a component such as hard drive, memory, power supply, display, etc, and you want to make sure you are getting the correct part.
To find the correct model number and product number of your laptop, the most common way is to look for a sticker at the bottom of the laptop. It is also written on the battery compartment. It is clearly written there. But if there are no stickers around, there are various ways with which you can find the number.

Check device model using System Information

To determine the device model number with System Information, use these steps:
Firstly, go to the Start menu, screech for the System Information, and click on it.
Type System Information in Start menu
Click on the System Summary and you will see the System model.
Click on System Summary

Check model using Command Prompt

Open the Command Prompt by typing Command Prompt in the Start menu and press enter.
Type Command prompt
Then type the following command to get a desktop or laptop model number and press the Enter button.

wmic csproduct get name

Type the command

Check model using PowerShell

Open the PowerShell by typing the PowerShell in the Start menu and press the Enter button.
Type PowerShell in Start menu
Type the below-mentioned command in the PowerShell and press the enter button. Now you will see the number.

wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber

Type the command


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