Zoho Subscription: Billing Software Crafted for Growing Businesses

Zoho Subscription: Billing Software Crafted for Growing Businesses

Zoho Subscription

Zoho Subscription helps you manage your customer subscription billing cycle from end to end. Automate periodic billing, handle subscriptions, dispatch professional tax-compliant invoices, and get paid on time.

Features: Handle the entire customer subscription billing life cycle

Automate your subscription billing

  • You don’t need to manually bill and dispatch invoices anymore. Zoho Subscriptions automates billing and ships tax-compliant invoices on your behalf.
    • Create billing frequencies and cycles
    • Automate proration
    • Bill across the globe and remain tax compliant.
    • Securely keep customer credit card information.

Process payments

Let customers pay for subscriptions in numerous ways to get paid faster.

  • Collect payments online and offline
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies.
  • Get paid via PCI-compliant hosted payment pages.
  • Retry involuntary failed payments

Manage customer subscriptions better

Tailor your products and services to suit your business’ pricing strategy while ensuring that your consumers get exactly what they want.

  • Create plans, provide add-ons, and offer coupons
  • Empower clients with a self-service portal
  • Manage multiple subscriptions
  • Consolidate invoices for multiple subscriptions

Tailor the subscription experience

Brand every characteristic—from your payment pages to the emails you dispatch so the entire experience reflects your business essence.

  • Select from a broad range of invoice templates.
  • White label the hosted revenue pages and client portal
  • Prepare your pricing tables with widgets

Get key business metrics.

With 30+ analytic reports encompassing sales, payment, churn, and subscription activity, stay two steps ahead with your decision-making.

  • View key details from the dashboard
  • Get essential information like MRR, churn rate, and LTV.
  • Know your tax liabilities with tax reports
  • Get reports delivered to your email.

Customize your billing APIs

Automate mundane subscription tasks and build on your solid foundation with the help of robust REST APIs.

  • Create workflow rules to automate actions
  • Track subscription changes with webhooks
  • Set up email alerts, custom functions, and buttons
  • Configure secure, API-hosted pages

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