Zoho Analytics: Modern Self-service BI and Analytics Platform

Zoho Analytics: Modern Self-service BI and Analytics Platform

Zoho Analytics

Connect, organize and analyze your data, build stunning data visualizations, and uncover hidden insights, all within minutes.

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Connect and integrate data from anywhere

Link to many sources like files and feeds, prevalent business apps, cloud, and on-premises databases, business apps, and more with Zoho easy-to-use connectors.


Prepare data for analysis.

Use Analytics’ augmented, self-service data preparation and control module to edit, transform, enrich, and catalog the information you want to analyze.


Augment your analysis with AI

Have conversations with Analytics’ intelligent AI assistant, develop automated insights with a single click, forecast future trends, do cognitive and what-if analyses, set up intelligent alerts, and more.


Visually analyze your data.

Create insightful & interactive reports and dashboards with Analytics’ straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Go for charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view details to visualize your data.


Share insights as stories with everyone

Collaborate with users via secured sharing and fine-grained permissions. Have significant conversations around reports. Design your boardrooms to come alive with reporting slideshows. Tell stories with your business data.


Embedded BI

Low-code, no-code model to quickly create and embed analytics. Or set up business analytics portals in your brand. Extensible & customizable development platform to fit your business needs.

Why Zoho Analytics?

Unified Business Analytics

  • Eases unifying corporate data with pre-built integrations across enterprise applications. And to earn insights from reports integrating across business functions.

Ease of Use

  • Presents an intuitive drag & drop interface. Augmented with AI and ML credentials such as everyday analytics, automated insights, and predictive and cognitive analytics.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Analytics’ proprietary Zoho cloud service is readily available round-the-clock. Alternatively, you can utilize a public cloud or an on-premises environment.

High Scale, Extensible Platform

  • Comes with a rich set of APIs that allows detailed customization and admiringly extensible low-code/no-code integration with any technology stack.


  • Analytics pricing policies are straightforward and transparent. The analytics cost of licensing, customization, training, and support is the least among Zoho market peers.

Security and Governance

  • Zoho Analytics’ time-tested and accredited enterprise-grade security features and governance framework provides ongoing data management and stewardship.

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