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How to Add a Music Bot to Your Discord Server

Discord the innovative communication platform is now very popular. More people are preferring discord over other communication software because of the vast amount of features. Other than the features the most attractive thing about Discord is that it is free. Even though discord is free it offers a variety of features such as adding a bot to your server. Usually, you can manually create your bot however there are many free bots available that you can add. So in this article, we will talk about how you can add a music bot to your Discord Server

Manually creating a bot can be a hassle and programming it to perform specific functions can take time. So it is better to get a premade bot for your server. There are many free bots available online and can be added to your server with a few clicks. The music bot you add will be able to play any song that you want. So, you can use this music bot in your free time while gaming or any other work.

Add a Music bot to Your Server.

There are many free music bots available online but we recommend Groovy or Vexera. We have tested many music bots but these two are usually more reliable. We will show you how to add the Vexera music bot to your discord server.

First, open up in your browser and click on Add to Your Discord Server.

Click on Add to your Discord Server to Add a Music Bot to Your Discord

Now in the next Window, you will be prompted to log in. So login with your discord credentials. You can also use a QR login if you have the discord mobile app.

Login to Add a Music Bot to Your Discord

Once logged in it will give the option to add the discord bot to your server. Select the server you want to add the discord music bot to and click on continue. In the next window, you will be asked to authorize administrative privileges for the discord bot. Click on Authorize to add the music bot. Do not use this bot in your professional discord server.

Choose your server to Add a Music Bot to Your Discord

Authorize the bot with admin privilege's to Add a Music Bot to Your Discord

Please note that if you are just a regular user of a discord server you will not be able to add this bot to that server. You need specific permissions to add it to your discord server. Once the bot is added open up discord and checks under the user’s tab if it shows the Vexera.

How to Use the Discord Music Bot

Once the music bot is added to your Discord server you can easily play anything by using this bot. You can list all the commands of this bot by typing +help in any text channels.

Although, before giving commands to the bot make sure that you are in a voice channel. To use the bot to play anything just type +play and type your song name in any text channels. You can even type one word related to your song and the bot will usually find the correct song for you and play it.

You can use other commands such as +pause or +skip to skip this song or you can add multiple songs in your playlist by typing +play and song names. The bot will keep playing the current song unless you type +skip. Please do not add multiple bots and kick the old bot that you are not using. Most of the free bots can be added by following this method. Please note when the bot is inactive and not playing any song it will automatically disconnect from your voice channel after a few minutes.

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