How to Get Google Map Alerts for Friends & Family

Google Maps has a location hunt feature for friends and family to follow each other’s whereabouts. The app just added customizable alerts for when friends and family leave or arrive.

With your friend’s or family member’s consent, you can track their location to ensure their safety. The app will also let you fix customizable alert notifications for particular people to follow when they leave or arrive at a place.

How to set up Google Map alerts for friends and family members:

According to 9to5Mac, you will require the permission of the person you wish to locate and track before designating notification alerts. You can click on the Friends & Family Icon in the Google Map, which will show a menu featuring an option to add new members sharing their location with you.

You will need to select between their current location, your location, or a selected address. To add a new location, you can click the Add Location feature. Next, move the marker to the correct area and conclusively select Add in the top-right corner.

You will also need to determine when to be notified between arrivals, departures, or both, and then click Save.

Upon confirmation, you will start getting notifications about the friend’s and family member’s whereabouts.

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