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How to Get a Temporary Email Address

We all hate spam emails and unfortunately when we are trying any service to see if that service is usable or not we have to provide the email address.  later we start receiving emails from different sources even though we have not subscribed for email notification. in this article, I will explain how we can use temporary email addresses to avoid ourselves from this hassle.

Open your browser and go to

Get a temporary email address

When you open the website on the top you will see an email address which is a temporary email address and you can continue using this email address until you have opened the current browser session. This works as a normal email address and you can use it. I have used this email address and send a test email and you can see that I have received that test email.

Get a temporary email address

Click on the test email and you can see that it shows all of the details that are being received on temporary email address.  you can download this email or click on the SOS button to see emails details like the headers of the emails click back to list and you will be back on the list where you will  have all of the emails that were sent on the temporary email address when you will click the blue delete icon it will destroy the temporary email address and will give you a new email address.

Get a temporary email address



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