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Clip board feature

How to Enable and Use Clipboard History in Windows 10

The clipboard is the special temporary memory that is used two holds the data that we have copied from any document or software. Windows 10 provides a feature called clipboard…

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Windows Defender

Virus & Threat Protection Disabled After Windows Update

Windows updates are not always excited. You may come across many issues. There are many online channels where you can find the details and possible solutions for issues you might…

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Windows and Ubuntu

How to Enable Linux Ubuntu on Windows 10 and setup RDP

Accessing your desktop from a remote place is possible with the advancement in the technology. This work can be done with the help of the Ubuntu software. Ubuntu is a…

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How to Enable Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

To have multiple desktops either you are using a single screen or multiple screen’s, having multiple desktop options is very useful. Microsoft launched Multiple Desktop or Virtual Desktop feature for…

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Windows 10 Slowness

Windows 10 is Slower After April 2019 Update – How to Fix It?

Windows 10 is Slower after April 2019 Update?  If you are running Microsoft Windows 10 you might have received an update from Microsoft in April. This update includes many new…

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