How to Add Gmail Account to Mail App in Windows 11

The Mail app is an already installed app that comes with Windows 11. It is also designated as the default email client for clicking on a mail-to link or any request that needs you to open an email client. This article will walk you through setting up your Gmail account in the Windows 11 Mail app.

Set up a Gmail account in Windows 11 Mail app

You can add numerous email clients to the Mail app in Windows 11. You will then be able to receive and share emails using any of the added email accounts in the Mail app. If you set up your Windows with a Microsoft account, your Outlook (or Hotmail) email account will automatically be added to the Mail app. Follow the steps below to add an email account such as Gmail to the Mail app.

In Windows 11, launch the Mail app; Once you get to the Mail app, on the left side, click on Accounts. Then, on the right side, click on Add account.


In the “Add an account” section, click Google.

Google account

A pop-up window will appear and sign in to your Gmail account.

Signin Gmail

You may then be evoked for confirmation to let Windows access your Google account. Click Allow to proceed.

Give Permission

That’s it! Your Gmail account should now be efficiently added to the Mail app in Windows 11.

Gmail in Mail app

After adding your Gmail account, you can begin viewing your emails from that account by selecting the account under Accounts on the left pane in the Mail app.

view emails in Mail app

Like viewing the Inbox of an added email account, select it under Accounts to send an email using a separate email account, then click on New mail on the left side to start drafting a new email in the Mail app.

Sendemails in Mail app

You can add more additional Gmail accounts or other email accounts to the Mail app. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned above.

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