WhatsApp Update adds new Features to Protect Users’ Privacy

WhatsApp has raised a host of features aimed at assisting protect the data they give away.

The new update arrives with three significant features: users can leave group chats more quietly. And set explicit controls on who can see their online status.

Perhaps the most noteworthy is a new tool that will stop users from taking screenshots when messages are sent utilizing the “View Once” feature, which means they will fade after being seen. That tool, unlike the others, is still in a testing phase and will come soon.

The Meta-owned messaging platform said the coming features aimed to keep enhancing the privacy around online conversations.

In a post publicizing the WhatsApp update, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg said: “We’ll keep creating new ways to make your messages secure. And ensure to keep them as private and protected as face-to-face conversations.”

Ami Vora, WhatsApp’s head of product, states the platform is solely focusing on creating features that “encourage people to have more control and privacy over their messages.”

She further added; 

“Over the years, we’ve updated interlocking layers of protection keeping users’ conversations secure. And the latest features are one way we persist in delivering on our pledge to keeping messages private.”

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