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Introduction to Shopify FetchAPP

FetchApp is a digital product download delivery app which has fewer options than SendOwl but most importantly it’s free. But the free plan with 5MB storage gives you the ability…

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Introduction to Shopify Single Music App

If you are interested in selling music online or if you are a musician, Single Music app is made for you. This app is designed in such a way that…

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Introduction to Shopify SendOwl App

SendOwl is paid app and it starts from $9/month with 30 days free trial, and it features with Instant and Automatic delivery and a trust company and it claims to…

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Introduction to Shopify Digital Downloads App

Digital Downloads is a free app allows you to attach files to your products, Costumer get files instantly and it automatically sends Updates. This free app includes features listed below:…

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How to Secure Digital Products Using Shopify Apps

A digital product is a non-physical asset or a media which can be sold or distributed multiple times online. You may find my article regarding digital product which can be…

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How to Display Necessary System Information on Computer/Server Desktop

When we are doing multiple tests by creating a test environment, we may need to move here and there to collect the necessary information form the computer. Like the IP…

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SMS from Web

How to Use Android Messages/SMS from Web (Sending/Receiving Messages from Internet)

In this article, I will explain how we can use messages from the web Android feature so that we can send and receive SMS using a web portal. This feature…

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How to Setup Quick Action Settings in Windows 10

In article will explain how we can add remove or modify quick action buttons in Windows 10. quick action buttons in action Centre allows us to perform some of the…

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Google Maps Live Traffic

How City Traffic Police Can Manage Traffic on Roads Using Google Maps Live Traffic

Nowadays technology is spreading everywhere. When it comes to research and take decisions deep in the oceans or high in the space we rely on technology. Technology nowadays covers all…

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How to Reset / Remove / Bypass Forgotten BIOS or CMOS Password

For some security reasons, we apply BIOS password so that the initial configuration of the computer cannot be changed by and uses unintentionally. when we come into a situation where…

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