How to download YouTube Videos on Windows 10

How to download YouTube Videos on Windows 10

There are billions of hours of videos on Youtube. That is hardly the most astounding statistics about the site, which has been the go-to destination for uploading and watching videos since 2005. When you download the videos from any social media platform, you can watch them without an internet connection, which is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on planes, trains, and trips to places without reliable mobile internet.
It is surprisingly easy to download videos from Youtube and other video hosting sites and you can do it free. Youtube itself provides some tools for downloading videos, and there are third-party apps that can do this job well.
In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can download Youtube videos for free of cost.

4K Video Downloader

This versatile software is completely free and can download 360-degree and 3D videos. By using this software on your Windows you can save full playlist and channels from YouTube in high quality and various video or audio formats.
Firstly, you have to open Youtube and copy the URL of the video that you want to download.
Copy the Video URL

Go to the top left corner of the window and click on the Paste Link button.
Click on Paste Link
When you click on the paste link button, it will ask you to select the resolution of your video and click the Download button.

This website offers you the fastest way to download YouTube videos in many formats. Once the video is downloaded, you can see it on your mobile or PC. To download YouTube videos follow the below steps.
Open the YouTube, copy the URL of the video that you want to download, open the website, and paste the copied URL in the address bar. After that click on the green download button and your video starts downloading.
Paste the URL and click Download


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