YouTube Might Soon Stream Free TV Channels

YouTube Might Soon Stream Free TV Channels

Reportedly, YouTube is stretching a new, ad-supported service – TV channel streaming. The company is currently in discussion with different companies to get TV shows, movies, and complete TV channels to its forum.

 In fact, YouTube said it’s already trialing the service, and select YouTube users are testing the waters.

YouTube is currently experimenting with a new feature where the platform can stream free ad-supported TV Channels That will deliver content from certain media houses.

The video streaming platform is discussing with numerous businesses to make this idea happen.

As per the information, YouTube is already widely experimenting with the new update. And intends to launch it later this year.

According to The Verge, YouTube is currently examining the new plans with Lionsgate and A&E, the owner History, FYI, and Lifetime channels.

The channels will be accumulated together in a central hub, allowing viewers to select from them.

But this new feature launch will place YouTube in a direct contest with Roku and Plex.

For now, YouTube is calculating viewers’ interest. And if everything goes according to strategy, the Google-owned service may ask for a 45% cut of the ad revenue. This is actually YouTube’s agreement with content creators as well.

Currently, YouTube already has a platform known as YouTube Tv. That operates on a comparable model but with a paid subscription. Youtube will use the YouTube Tv brand for marketing the YouTube Free TV feature.

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