YouTube to Begin Sharing Ad Revenue with Shorts Creators

YouTube to Begin Sharing Ad Revenue with Shorts Creators

Video-streaming platform to take 55% of ad revenue cut, leaving Shorts creators with 45%.

YouTube’s much-awaited program, which will authorize Shorts creators to receive ad earnings, is nearly ready to start from February 1.

The company announced a Partner Program agreement with terms and conditions that Shorts creators must follow and coordinate with until July 10.

YouTube has presented “Monetization Modules,” which will give creators more flexibility over their revenues on YouTube. The platform suggests accepting all modules to unlock creators’ full earning potential.

The video streaming platform had previously described in an announcement that creators with at least 1,000 followers. And more than 10 million views on Shorts over 90 days would be qualified to apply for the Partner Program.

With Shorts earnings sharing, the $100 million creator fund will have to go away. But YouTube hopes more fund receipts will come. It is way more than what it achieved through its fund.

Users will acquire ads in between Shorts while streaming on the Feed. While the income generated through the ads will be utilized to pay music licensing companies and creators via a shared pool at the end of each month.

The amount of money in the creator pool will be decided by the number of musical tracks creators feature in their Shorts. A clip with no music would mean that all the generated income will go to the creator pool.

The streaming platform will decide how the creator pool will be allocated based on a creator’s share of total Shorts views. YouTube will carry 55% of the revenue cut, leaving creators with 45%.

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