YouTube Might Soon Make 4K Videos Exclusive To Premium

YouTube Might Soon Make 4K Videos Exclusive To Premium

YouTube seems to be working on another effort on a free feature to make it sole to the premium subscription. This time it is predicted to move the 4K videos to the paid subscription holders. The company has also launched a new monetization program for YouTube Shorts creators.

Youtube Might Soon Shift 4K Videos Exclusive To Premium

4K Videos Exclusive To Premium

This information came from a Redditor u/Ihatesmokealarms, who also shared a screenshot about this evolution, but officially it hasn’t been confirmed that they are testing this feature.

As you can notice in the above image (credits: iOS’s YouTube) and says playing video in 2160p (4K) quality on a Premium version, there’s a link for “Tap to upgrade.”

However, you’ll still have the authorization to play videos in 1440p quality, and as we all know, we all normally use 1080p (HD) quality and most YouTube videos only supports the highest quality of 1080p (HD). Similarly, there are possibilities that this restriction will come for various devices. 

The company lets Premium Subscription holders experience the experimental feature. However, YouTube’s experimental new features page currently says, “No features are available at the moment. This indicates the company is yet to announce it because it is in the testing phase.

There is also a possibility that this feature will not be public. Because it is in the experiment phase and relies on feedback from the beta tester users. We will let you know once the company reports any news about the shifting of 4K Videos Exclusive To Premium.

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