TikTok Admits Secret Heating Button That Promotes Videos

TikTok Admits Secret Heating Button That Promotes Videos

TikTok admits it raised 0.02% of videos contrary to Forbes report of 1-2%, saying employees are also part of the decision.

After the release of a report in Forbes, which displayed a secret heating button that boosts videos on TikTok. The company confirmed that its US employees have the ability to boost videos. The desired promotion of videos is made to “familiarize celebrities and rising creators to the TikTok community,” The Verge noted.

According to the Forbes announcement, TikTok has a secret heating button that puts specified videos onto users’ For You pages. Allowing boost views by sidestepping the algorithm that manipulates the platform.

A spokesperson for TikTok, Jamie Favazza, informs Forbes that improving views to specific videos is one of many bases for heating. TikTok will also “promote some videos to help diversify the content experience.”

Favazza also states that heat only applies on”.002% of videos in For You feeds, ” which is contrary to the Forbes report. That received internal documents asserting “around 1-2 percent” of “total daily video views.” 

According to the information, heated videos did not show a label. Showing that TikTok had raised them, but they seemed like videos selected by the algorithm.

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