Instagram Admits Intentional Promotion of Videos

Instagram Admits Intentional Promotion of Videos

Instagram is now moving ahead to creating a balance between videos/reels and photos offered to the audience.

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri reveals that the platform deliberately focused on promoting videos and reels in 2022.

In a Q&A session with the users, Mosseri revealed that Instagram is now working on developing a balance between videos/reels and photos displayed to the audience.

He stated, “I think we were overfocusing on videos in 2022 and forced ranking too far. And primarily offered too many videos and not enough photos.”

So, he noted that both kinds of posts are getting equal attention now. So, that demonstrates to be evidence of their work.

Adam compromised that “photos are always going to be an essential part of what we do. Because there will always be individuals who love and are curious to find photos on Instagram and elsewhere. And I like to ensure we’re very clear about that.”

The head of Instagram did say how the struggles to change the app to a full-screen video experience. To make the platform Like that of a TikTok-style app, the decision seems to be not welcoming to the photographers on the platform.

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